FC St. Pauli Open 2014

July 19th – July 27th, 2014


Starting Times:
19.7.    - 4:00pm
20.7.    - 1:00pm
21.7.    - 4:00pm
22.7.    - 4:00pm
23.7.    - 4:00pm
24.7.    - 4:00pm 
25.7.    - 4:00pm
26.7.    - 4:00pm
27.7.    - 10:00am


FC St. Pauli Chess Club


Ballroom in the FC St.Pauli South-Stand (Harald Stender Platz 1), Hamburg


A-Open> DWZ 1800
B-Open< DWZ 1900

9 rounds by Swiss system


Prize Money:
minimum 10,000€ guaranteed prize fund

A-Open 1st prize 2000 € 
Rating prize ELO < 2200 
Rating prize ELO < 2000                             
Prizes for Seniors                             
Prizes for Women   
Prizes for Juniors  

B-Open 1st prize 800  €
Rating prize ELO < 1600 
Rating prize ELO < 1400                             
Prizes for Seniors                             
Prizes for Women   
Prizes for Juniors  

All Prizes in Euro.

Time Control: 

90 min for 40 moves + 30 min for rest of the game + 30 sec increment per move from the first move on


Entrance Fee:   

Normal: 65€ before deadline / 80€ after deadline
Concession: 45€ before deadline / 60€ after deadline

Normal: 55€ before deadline / 70€ after deadline
Concession: 35€ before deadline / 50€ after deadline

Registration Deadline: 15th May, 2014

Registration after Deadline: additional 15€ entrance fee. 

Concession fees only apply to juniors (D.O.B: after 1.1.1995) 

By means of this website 


Registration limit:
300 players


Conditions for GM/IM:
Fee for GM, IM, WGM, WIM free * no more condicions  

Players with FIDE ratings (April or July listing, 2014) or
Players with national ratings, irrespective of their ELO rating.
Ratings that are not officially recognized will need to be authenticated beforehand.
Foreign players without current and official ratings are not entitled to receive prize money. 
In all special circumstances, the final decision will lie with the Tournament Organiser. 


Teilnahme und der Besuch erfolgen auf eigenes Risiko! Die Schachabteilung des FC St. Pauli v. 1910 e. V. übernimmt keinerlei Haftung! Bei Turnierabbruch durch höhere Gewalt wird lediglich das Startgeld zurück gezahlt!